4 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Guests Back for Staying

4 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Guests Back for Staying

Return Guests are The Lifeblood for Your Hotel

It is believed that to keep your existing guests coming back is one of the easiest ways to grow your hotel business. Whether you agree or disagree, a loyal guest is not only paying for your hotel services but also sharing with others about their stay experiences in your hotels.

  • According to the survey, about 8% of return clients generate 40% of the hotel entire profit.
  • It is estimated that gaining a new customer costs anywhere from 5 to 8 times more than retaining your existing ones. It’s also said that 68% of customers will fail to return if they feel unappreciated.

Here are the 4 ways to keep your hotel guests coming back to stay:

1. Understand Your Hotel Guest

Nowadays, there are lots of travelers who use their mobile phone or laptop to book the hotel or travel package and even share they are staying feedback online. So, if hoteliers wish to know more about their guests, they could use the mobile hotel solution like HotelX. With this brilliant mobile apps, hoteliers can easily get the responses from the guests.
Besides that, let your existing guests happy with their stay in your hotel and it is easier for you to let them return to your hotel again. A thousand guests can praise your hotel as loud as they can, yet a single complaint can point out to an error that has made dozens walk away in silence. You need to encourage your guests to speak up whenever they like the service or feel there’s anything to be improved for the overall guest experience. People are forgiving and grateful if they see that you care enough to resolve their issues. This is your opportunity to shine and leave them with a positive lasting impression.

2. Keep In Touch with Your Hotel Guest throughout The Year

Hoteliers keep in touch with their guests throughout the year can show their eternal sincerity and appreciation to the guests and let the guests feel warm as well as valuable. Hoteliers are suggested to send an email with personalized “Thank you for staying” message in a few days after they left your hotel.
At the same time, don’t forget to ask them to write a review. By using the email marketing, you may send your regards and provide special offers for the guests through email during the different festive seasons.
Besides that, let the guests know about local activities or hotel events that are going on from time to time by email or through your hotel Facebook page, maybe you can catch their eye and they will probably book an extra visit.

3. Reward Your Hotel Loyal Guest with Exclusive Deals

According to the latest hotel survey shows that 4 out of 5 guests would like to receive offers during and after their stay. You can encourage repeat booking with the proper use of loyalty programs. Make your loyal guests feel special with priority discounts or exclusive package when they book your hotel room repeatedly. This shows your appreciation of their business as well as potentially prompting additional bookings.
In general, returning guests will follow your hotel social media platforms to check the update information or events, so don’t forget to give them surprises like giving special discounts or organizing the online contest. The contest seems like a great and fun way to let the hoteliers engage with their social media users and provide them a good chance to win the free-stay voucher.
The loyal guests will also spread the word about their pleasure experiences at your hotel in daily conversation or via social media, as a result, they have become your hotel brand ambassadors.

4. Go Digital through Different Marketing Campaigns

Hoteliers are encouraged to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with different digital marketing campaigns as to keep your guests coming back to the hotel or let the guests recommend your hotel to their friends and relatives.
Nowadays, most of the travelers are constantly inspired by different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, etc. when they are planning their trips. So, hoteliers need to launch a well-planned content marketing strategy with providing your guest with useful and remarkable online content from time to time, it is definitely a successful marketing tool to retain guests.

As a hotelier, do you wish to keep your guests coming back to stay at your hotel in the near future? Maybe you should fully use the digital media to send your regards and special offers to the guests so as to let them come back to your hotel in their next trips.

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